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BrightStaves™ for Choral Conductors

The amazing capabilities of BrightStaves™ support the conductor at every stage of his or her work with the choir—from reviewing works prior to purchasing scores and preparing the rehearsal plan to giving the pitch on-stage and managing performing licenses.

Selecting Scores Prior to Purchase

The purchase of an unfamiliar work in an online store is always fraught with uncertainty. Online sheet music stores typically only display the first few pages of a work. What the remainder of the work holds in store can only be discovered after the purchase is made.

BrightStaves™ allows customers (with a subscription) full access to the complete work for a limited examination period. The user is able to study the complete score for thirty minutes, after which the image expires. Feature in development phase.

BrightStaves™ Is the Ideal Choral Librarian!

BrightStaves™ contains simple-to-use but very powerful capabilities to manage scores in a choral ensemble or any other performing group. You will never again encounter the problem of scores accidentally left behind at home, time-consuming shuffling through a rehearsal folder in search of the needed piece, or breath marks that have not been entered by the performers.

The score-management capabilities offered by BrightStaves™ totally alter the workflow of the performers’ interaction with the scores. Purchasing the scores, assembling them in the necessary order, and entering the required performance markings need to be done only once, and is then distributed seamlessly to every choir member. The performers only need to turn on their iPads and they automatically receive all the necessary works in the proper order and with all the conductor’s markings already entered.

The performers simply have no opportunity to lose or misplace anything: they leave all the technical details to BrightStaves™ and can fully concentrate on the music!

Incredible Navigation Capabilities in the Score

BrightStaves™ technology allows access to every individual measure. The conductor indicates the number of the desired measure by pressing on it with his or her finger, and the singers can go the measure with only two touches of the screen — a huge time saver at a rehearsal!

Using BrightStaves™ with a Performing Ensemble

The conductor , after defining a “group” on the BrightStaves site that includes all the members of his or her choir, immediately has the capability of:

  1. Purchasing scores for all or selected members of the group
  2. Synchronizing the lists of works for the entire group
  3. Synchronizing performance markings for the entire group

1. Purchasing the scores

BrightStaves™ makes possible the immediate distribution of the necessary scores to every member of the performing ensemble.

The BrightStaves™ website allows the conductor to purchase scores for the defined group, which includes all members of the choir. After selecting the desired piece, the conductor marks the members of the group—all or selected ones—who are to receive the score. The total payment reflects a group discount, and each performer receives a copy of the piece in the library of his or her account, from where it is automatically sent to the BrightStaves™ Viewer app on their iPad.

The entire process—from making the purchase on the site to opening the score on the tablet—takes only several seconds! This is a highly efficient and reliable way to supply the entire choir with the required scores. No more waiting for delivery of paper copies via the Postal Service, or printing and collating numerous copies after purchasing a single digital original! No more worrying about physically storing, filing, and retrieving the scores! Never again will you hear: “Oops, I think I left it at home!”

2. Synchronizing the lists of works

BrightStaves™ Viewer “allows the conductor to assemble a list of works arranged in the proper order for a particular rehearsal, lesson, event, or performance. This list can be immediately shared with all the members of the group.

When using the list, the works open in the correct order, one after the other; all the performer needs to do is go to the next page. At rehearsals performers will no longer waste time looking for the score of the next piece, while in performances they will avoid any unfortunate errors. At the same time, remains the ability to easily navigate to any desired piece in the list of works.

3. Synchronizing performance markings

BrightStaves™ Viewer allows the conductor to add score markings, including dynamics, articulation marks, and other performance indications, using the built-in library of symbols.

These markings (Expression Marks) can be shared with all the members of the group. Imported Expression Marks can be turned on for display or hidden.

For Users of the “Old School”

Many conductors may still view the use of an iPad for conducting with skepticism. One of the reasons is the relatively small screen of a standard iPad. In the case of an unaccompanied work, the conductor sees the same score as the singers, but what if it's a choral-orchestral score? The notes will be too small, making the use of a tablet impractical, and the conductor will need to use a conventional large paper score.

This is a perfectly normal situation, which BrightStaves™ anticipates. The conductor can add performance markings into the printed full score, and have an assistant transfer these markings into the BrightStaves™ version, which includes only the choral parts for the singers. Expression Marks created in this way will be synchronized with all the members of the ensemble. The measure numbers also coincide between the paper and digital version, so the conductor will continue to use the paper score, while the singers will use BrightStaves™ Viewer.

Standard PDF files can also be opened using BrightStaves™ Viewer and can even be integrated into lists of works. Conductor or performer will not have to switch between apps.

Tools for Rehearsal and Performance

The Pitch Aid and the Metronome help the conductor avoid making mistakes even in the highly charged atmosphere of a performance on stage.

The Pitch Aid replaces a pitch pipe. The desired pitch is set and saves for each individual piece, and is always at your fingertips on the main screen of the BrightStaves™ Viewer app.

The Metronome built into BrightStaves™ Viewer helps to establish a precise tempo. It can be used as an audible click or in silent visual mode. Using the latter, one can check the tempo even while on stage, immediately before the performance.

The Stopwatch is useful to time a piece or measure the length of a piece or the time required for a choir to line up on stage, while the Timer helps to keep track of and manage rehearsal time.

Protecting Copyright and Performing Rights

BrightStaves™ allows the purchase of performing licenses and to conveniently manage their duration directly in the app.

On the BrightStaves™ site, along with the musical score, you will see information pertaining to the performance rights as well as contact information for obtaining or negotiating a mechanical license. If the copyright holder (usually the publisher) allows the purchase of a license for unlimited performances of a piece for the duration of one year, such a license can be purchased directly from the site. The purchased licensing information is shown in the BrightStaves™ Viewer of the conductor (or administrator). At any moment one can check its validity and the term of its duration. After expiration, the a renewal of the license can be purchased.