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BrightStaves™ for Publishers

Anyone who composes or publishes choral works can distribute their compositions through BrightStaves™. A "publisher" can be a music publishing house that publishes sheet music or a self-published composer or arranger. Whether it is a single composition or an entire catalogue containing hundreds of titles, you can use BrightStaves™ to sell, distribute, and promote your work.

For the sake of intellectual property protection, there is only one restriction: the "publisher" must be the copyright holder or his authorized agent.

The Advantages of Using BrightStaves™ for Distributing Your Work

Once a publisher makes his works available in the BrightStaves™ format, conductors and performers will be able to enjoy unparalleled benefits of the BrightStaves™ Viewer, which will help them learn and perform these compositions. See BrightStaves™ for Choral Conductors and The Innovative Features of BrightStaves™ Viewer.

The cost of publication is as low as $3 per page and involves only payment for a page-by-page conversion of the original score into the BrightStaves™ format.

Actually, a publisher only has to create the original music typesetting and subsequently collect payments from sales, while BrightStaves™ will do the rest.

The compositions are delivered to users instantly, and they are fully protected against illegal copying.

Protection from Copying

The digital file containing sheet music has several levels of protection against illegal copying. The purchased copy can be opened only on the iPad associated with the user's account on the BrightStaves™ website, which makes using the file on any other device technically impossible. It is even impossible to purchase a single copy and then duplicate it using mechanical or electronic means!

Additional Sales from Your Website Provide Added Sources of Income

The iPad is a remarkable tool for singers to use for displaying sheet music, but the size of the iPad screen is not convenient for viewing piano accompaniments and full scores. Recognizing this fact, a choral score in the BrightStaves™ format only provides singers with choral parts to use on the iPad, while the conductor and accompanist will continue to use a traditional paper full score until new display devices with larger screens appear on the market.

A link for purchasing original full scores directly from the publisher can be placed on the page of the title on the BrightStaves™ website.

Another advantage of sales through the BrightStaves™ website is the opportunity to associate a given work for sale with links to additional materials, such as learning tracks, diction guides, etc., available directly on the publisher's website. This generates additional direct sales for the publisher.

As with all paper scores, the proceeds from sales of all additional materials go directly to the publisher.

In addition to the sheet music, with BrightStaves™ publishers can also sell a “One-year Performance license” for an unlimited number of performances of their works.

Reporting and Payment

At any time the publisher can access information on the status of his works, number of views, purchases made, and the amount of revenues.

Each page on the site has mechanisms for sharing on social networks. Use your accounts in social networks to promote your works! Links can be created to specific pages of individual works as well as to aggregate pages that list all the works of a composer or publisher.

How to publish your works with BrightStaves™?

Only users having the status of “Publisher” can publish their works on BrightStaves™. This status is assigned by the Site Administrator after a preliminary application process.

To publish your works, you must complete two simple steps:
1. Register on the BrightStaves™ site
2. Send us an email to with a user name registered and brief description of your publishing activity as either a business entity or as an individual composer-arranger-editor, including your website address and the anticipated number of publications you will be submitting.

Thereafter, all your interactions as a Publisher with BrightStaves™ will occur through the website.

For each title, a Publisher need only to fill in a short form that includes relevant information about the title and to upload an original PDF file.

For publishers who have a large number of works and who have their own website, a workflow can be programmed in order to partially automate the submission and publication process.

How your score is processed

The original graphics in each score are transformed for optimal viewing on the iPad screen. In the process, slight changes may be made to accommodate the differences between the width of a printed page and the iPad screen, as well as changes in the number of measures per system. These changes do not affect the aesthetic appearance of the score or its musical content. See PDF to Brightstaves™: Examples of visual changes after processing.

Pricing policy
Compositions can be either sold for a price or distributed free of charge. When selling works through BrightStaves™, a publisher sets the desired retail price ($1.29 minimum) and receives royalties comprising 55% of the proceeds from sales. (Any price can be set, but taking into consideration the lack of overhead and the impossibility of making illegal copies, we recommend setting the price to be equal or less than the price of a conventional printed copy.)

The recommended price range for a “One-year Performance License for an unlimited number of performances” is from $10 to $45.

Pieces with a piano, organ, or other keyboard accompaniment can be accepted for processing as long as the choral parts are shown from the very beginning of the score, even if these are just rests (i.e., without being “optimized” or otherwise hidden).

When processing becomes available for instrumental works an announcement will be made.