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Let Thy Good Spirit by Pavel Chesnokov

Pavel Chesnokov Church Slavonic Mixed chorus Seven or more voices Sacred Pentecost Musica Russica
Choral Score $1.95; Link to Full Score; Audio Diction CD;
Opus Op. 25, No. 10; Duration: 2:00;
Павел Чесноков Дух Твой благий


Composer(s) Pavel Chesnokov; In Church Slavonic; For Mixed chorus ; Style/Genre Sacred; Occasion(s) Pentecost; Publisher Musica Russica;

“Let Thy Good Spirit” is one in a cycle of ten Communion Hymns, opus 25, composed by Chesnokov during his tenure as precentor at the Church of the Holy Trinity “at the Mud” in Moscow. The cycle culminates a number of opuses in which Chesnokov wrote richly sonorous harmonized settings of traditional chant melodies; the present work, however, does not use a pre-existing chant melody. The text is the Communion Hymn for the feast of Pentecost, prescribed to be sung during the Liturgy served on that day.


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Choral Score


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