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Composer Alexander Kastalsky

Gladsome Light No. 1 by Alexander Kastalsky

Alexander Kastalsky Transliteration Church Slavonic Mixed chorus Six voices Sacred Musica Russica
Choral Score $1.95; Link to Full Score; Audio Diction CD;
Opus Sacred Op. 45; Duration: 3:00;
Александр Кастальский Свете тихий

Composer(s) Alexander Kastalsky; In Transliteration, Church Slavonic; For Mixed chorus ; Style/Genre Sacred; Publisher Musica Russica;

Alexander Kastalsky's sublime compositions and chant arrangements resulted in his being acclaimed as the founder of a new 'school' of Russian sacred choral composition in the early 20th century. His "Gladsome Light" No. 1 uses a Kievan Chant as a cantus firmus for this ancient Christian Hymn.