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Genre Church Hymn

Holy God by Dobri Hristov

Dobri Hristov Vladimir Morosan English Mixed chorus Four voices Church Hymn Liturgical Choral Holy Note Press (Musica Russica Distributors)
Choral Score $1.00; Link to Full Score;

Composer(s) Dobri Hristov; Arranger(s) Vladimir Morosan; In English; For Mixed chorus ; Style/Genre Church Hymn, Liturgical Choral; Publisher Holy Note Press (Musica Russica Distributors);

A hauntingly beautiful setting of the Thrice-Holy Hymn (Trisagion) from the Orthodox Divine Liturgy based on an ancient Bulgarian Chant. The composer, Dobri Hristov, was one of the most important choral composers in Bulgaria during the first half of the 20th century.