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Genre Sacred Concerto

Sing Joyfully unto the Lord (Concerto No. 4) by Dmitry Bortniansky

Dmitry Bortniansky Vladimir Morosan English Mixed chorus Four voices Sacred Concerto Orthodox Music Press
Choral Score $3.95; Link to Full Score;
Opus Sacred Concerto No. 4;

Composer(s) Dmitry Bortniansky; Arranger(s) Vladimir Morosan; In English; For Mixed chorus ; Style/Genre Sacred Concerto; Publisher Orthodox Music Press;

This is an English adaptation of Bortniansky's Sacred Concerto No. 4 — “Voskliknite Ghospodevi vsia zemlia.” Bortniansky’s sacred works were widely performed in 19th-century Russia, and many of them are sung in churches to this day. Bortniansky’s music combines elements of classicism and sentimentality, using techniques of the classical Viennese-Italian style.

Salvation Is Created by Pavel Chesnokov

Pavel Chesnokov Transliteration Church Slavonic Mixed chorus Seven or more voices Sacred Liturgical Choral Sacred Concerto Orthodox Liturgy Musica Russica
Choral Score $1.95; Link to Full Score; Audio Diction CD;
Opus Op. 25, No. 5;
Павел Чесноков Спасение соделал

Composer(s) Pavel Chesnokov; In Transliteration, Church Slavonic; For Mixed chorus ; Style/Genre Sacred, Liturgical Choral, Sacred Concerto; Occasion(s) Orthodox Liturgy; Publisher Musica Russica;

This is the most popular sacred work by Pavel Chesnokov (1877-1944) outside of Russia. This edition restores Chesnokov's original voicing and markings, which were sometimes missing from the numerous English-language editions that appeared in the 1920s and 1930s. The text consists of a single psalm verse, followed by "Alleluia," which makes singing this piece in the original language eminently accessible to choirs of all levels.