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Publisher Orthodox Music Press

Sing Joyfully unto the Lord (Concerto No. 4) by Dmitry Bortniansky

Dmitry Bortniansky Vladimir Morosan English Mixed chorus Four voices Sacred Concerto Orthodox Music Press
Choral Score $3.95; Link to Full Score;
Opus Sacred Concerto No. 4;

Composer(s) Dmitry Bortniansky; Arranger(s) Vladimir Morosan; In English; For Mixed chorus ; Style/Genre Sacred Concerto; Publisher Orthodox Music Press;

This is an English adaptation of Bortniansky's Sacred Concerto No. 4 — “Voskliknite Ghospodevi vsia zemlia.” Bortniansky’s sacred works were widely performed in 19th-century Russia, and many of them are sung in churches to this day. Bortniansky’s music combines elements of classicism and sentimentality, using techniques of the classical Viennese-Italian style.